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Modular apartment buildings in Iceland

Modular apartment buildings in Iceland

Building type: 2 modular buildings (16 apartments)
Location: Neskaupstaður, Hafnarbraut 38-40, Iceland
Designers: Tanel Oja
Project manager: Erik Vesiloik
Construction works: Turnkey solution
Architecture: Tempt Architects

Timbeco Modular apartment buildings are completed as a factory-produced modular solution. The building’s interior and exterior finishing, electricity and water supply works were largely carried out in the factory, and kitchen furniture and sanitary equipment were also installed. As a rule, works carried out in a house factory are more cost-effective and save time on the construction site.

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Modular apartment buildings in Norway

Modular apartment buildings in Kabelvag, Norway

Location: Kabelvåg, Norway
Apartment sizes: 32.4 – 66.6 m2
Total gross area of ​​buildings: 1850 m2
Architecture: Tempt Architects
Construction: Wooden frame modules
Ready-made: Timbeco’s delivery included turnkey house kits. There are a total of 22 apartments in the four buildings, which were built from 38 modules. They include 22 sheds and 18 carports.
Client: Boliger For Folket

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Modular apartment building in Svolvaer, Norway

Modular apartment building on Svolvaer, Norway

The Timbeco team designed, produced and erected a modular apartment building in Svolvær, Norway. The design of the building is based on the principles of “Timbeco Modular Standard”. Complete modules are combined into multifunctional living spaces on the “plug & play” principle. The result is buildings that not only provide a modern and special living environment, but also have advantages in terms of health and indoor climate. Timbeco Modular Standard enables short construction times, minimizes on-site emissions and creates almost 100% recyclable housing.

The architect of the building is Tempt Architects.

Photos: Kaido Haagen